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Demian Brown MSW, RSW   Toronto Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Demian Brown.

 I’ve devoted my life’s work for over twenty years to my lifelong passion for understanding and helping people by publishing personal/professional research and participating in  a very broad range of clinical experiences, developing agency based policies to meet client needs, running agency programs while participating on multi-disciplinary health teams and assisting Toronto college and university Psychology Professors delivering course material.  In addition as a Toronto Psychotherapist and Registered Clinical Social Worker in Toronto, I have appeared on TV programs like City TV Local News, eTalk & CBC National  Evening News as an Addictions & Mental Health Consultant educating the public about therapy, addiction and mental health counselling issues from a Toronto Psychotherapist perspective. In addition, I was interviewed for articles published in national magazines such as the current politics based “This Magazine” about disability rights and for the psychology based self-help, “Esperanza  Magazine” about coping with the impact of Mood Disorders on relationships and I was also featured in 2 documentaries one about divorce and one about conflict between couples.  I’m a Toronto Psychotherapist practicing at Bloor and Sherbourne Street across from Sherbourne Subway. The following include some of the areas I  specialize in:

For psychotherapy, I can see you at my confidential office suite located directly ACCROSS FROM SHERBOURNE SUBWAY: 600 Sherbourne Street suite 408, Toronto, Ontario at  Rosedale Medical Centre , as well as by phone/face time/Skype appointment.

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I provide professional psychotherapy and counselling services to individuals and couples from my location in central Toronto (corner of Sherbourne/Bloor). My psychotherapy office and private waiting area  provide a safe, secure, and confidential setting.

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Toronto psychotherapist Demian Brown: Amanda Bynes 2013 eTalk

My therapeutic philosophy is about providing therapy to help people use their identified strengths to address current challenges and long-standing issues. It is important to explore one’s unique way of being with oneself, others, and one’s environment.

With sensitivity and compassion, I help individuals bring understanding to a wide range of life challenges and psychological distress, creating new paths and directions for developing personal and interpersonal awareness.

As a Counsellor in Toronto…
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Toronto Psychotherapist 2016 City TV News: Halloween prank traumatises family members of recent Hamilton, Ontario murder victom

My emphasis is on integration of different approaches to bring together what is most helpful for the unique needs of my clients.  I also place the utmost importance on the relationship that develops between us as a vital factor in our work together.

My psychotherapy sessions are eligible for insurance coverage for those who have extended health care benefits through their employer.  For those who don’t have insurance most often my fee is tax deductible depending on  on your yearly allotted medical amount allowed. Please check your group benefits plan for details of your coverage.

For those who do not have insurance (or for when insurance coverage runs out):  Under certain conditions I have sliding scale fees.  If you have coverage to see a Social Worker (most plans) or Psychologist, then you can use your benefits for counselling services with me. Even if your plan specifies only Registered Psychologists, Social Workers like  me who  are affiliated with a psychological practice will still be covered.

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I’m an award-winning counsellor in Toronto. As a Psychotherapist I have worked as a Couples Counsellor, helped people separate, helped people stay together, worked with children, adolescents, addictions, relapse prevention, Bipolar Disorder, facing charges, domestic violence, anger therapy and also specialize as an Anxiety Disorders Therapist and Depression/Mood Disorders Therapist in Toronto. When searching for a Toronto Psychotherapist you want to ensure the person has appropriate training for the work.  My training as a Registered & Licensed Social Worker isn’t limited to the list above, I am certified to provide psychotherapy to individuals and couples for a wide range of issues aided by my years of experience as Psychotherapist.

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